The goals of “HARTS” are as follows:
“HARTS” 的宗旨如下:

(a)    To promote the science and practice of amateur radio communication and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to same;

(b)    To consult and negotiate with or otherwise persuade all relevant governmental and international authorities to create and maintain a regulatory environment conducive to the practice and growth of amateur radio in Hong Kong and elsewhere;

(c)    To hold regular meetings for the discussion of “HARTS” business and of developments in amateur radio and related fields;

(d)    To maintain membership in and liaison with the international Amateur Radio Union, as the sole representative of amateur radio in Hong Kong;

(e)    To establish and maintain bilateral relations with national societies outside Hong Kong as may be advisable to further the other goals of “HARTS”;

(f)     To solicit the affiliation with “HARTS” representations to government;

(g)    To maintain and operate amateur radio voice repeaters, date repeaters, propagation beacons, or any other type of amateur radio communication station or facility deemed necessary or advisable by the Executive Committee;

(h)     To administer, under agreement with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, examinations for the amateur radio license in Hong Kong; and,

(i)     To provide emergency radio network to facilitate rescue of human life and property in case of natural disaster or other calamity to the community of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or/and any other territory as determined by the Executive Committee; and

(j)     To provide radio network to any charitable or non-profit making organization with the overall objective of serving the community of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or/and any other territory as determined by the Executive Committee;

(k)    To operate an incoming and outgoing QSL card bureau for the use of “HARTS” members and other Hong Kong amateur operators as determined by the Executive Committee.

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